Dr. Timo Strattner


Dr. Strattner graduated from Central Queensland University, Sydney. In 2007 he started working in a family office consulting business. Since then he has worked independently and gained a wealth of entrepreneurial experience within the financial services industry. He founded Eliseo Partners where he added value in his investment banking capacity to projects in Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, Thailand and USA. Mr. Strattner is an award winning Merchant Banker focused mostly in equity market strategies to provide liquidity to illiquid assets and manage primary, secondary and convertible debt trading strategies profitably. His young career spans over many disciplines working as stock broker, analyst, co-fund manager, corporate finance and merchant banking specialist for publicly traded companies.

Larry Woghiren


Larry Woghiren started his career working as a stockbroker, before promotion to broker-dealer, head of desk, then going on to qualify as an Investment fund manager before becoming founder of ACAM LP an asset management firm having served under IB to firms such as Smith Moore & Co Bank, Man Financial Global PLC, R.J. O’Brien & Associates LLC (Cantor Fitzgerald). Larry has served a private hedge fund and served the board of a sovereign wealth fund. Larry is a founder at Eliseo Partners with a transactional value of over $1bn USD. Larry holds a degree in Business, a Certificate in Investment Management from the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment in London where he is a registered Chartered Investment Manager and a member for over 13 years.

Advisory Board

Dr. Pierre Bultez

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Dr. Bultez is Senior Technical Advisor of Aestimatio Analytics. He is a globally acclaimed expert in risk analytics, risk management and corporate governance. He has over 40 years of experience in international training and risk consulting in banking, finance and micro-finance sectors in 72 countries. He has been the advisor of 18 central banks worldwide, 14 governments within Asian, European and African region and a board member of over 30 international financial companies. He has been attached with Luxembourg Financial Sector Supervisory Commission till recently. Dr. Bultez is also an international academician and holds visiting professorship in over 10 universities worldwide together with over 32 publications in the fields of risk analytics and financial governance.

Dr. Muhammed Salim

Advisory Board

Dr. Muhammed Salim, Managing Director of Aestimatio Analytics Inc. He has over 25 years of experience in the fields of risk analytics, risk advisory and corporate training. He has developed over 6000 models and have assisted over 52 banks, 78 non-banking financial companies, 28 private equity funds, 43 insurance companies, 104 asset management companies, 58 investment banks, 62 industrial conglomerates, 38 stock & commodity exchanges in 32 countries within 4 continents in risk analytics. He is a member of BCBS Official Research Group (BORG), a visiting Professor in 4 European & North American universities, author of 3 books on Advanced Risk Analytics and a Member of Who is Who of RiskCheck.


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